Kingdom Kids
‘The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these’ Luke 18:16 Kingdom Kids is the kids ministry for Spirit and Word Ministry. As a ministry Kingdom Kids has children at heart and all the programs run are all designed in line with divine instructions from above. The man of God Leslie received specific instructions from our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ on how to run his family and children. It is based on some of those principles that Spirit and Word ministries Kid’s Church “Kingdom Kids Ministry is anchored and founded on. We believe in skills development therefore everything that will be taught to the children at Kingdom Kids is being continuously developed through the careful guidance and in consultation of the founder and visionary of the ministry. We believe that success does not just happen but requires focused action, careful determination and a lot of energy through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission as Kingdom Kids is to make Jesus become the biggest super-hero in the minds of our children and to make him take the the highest position in the life of our young kids while teaching them to worship God at an early age while having lots and lots of FUN. At Kingdom Kids,  We teach our kids the word of God and empower them to choose to be different and stand for what they believe by imparting knowledge of the scripture through fun based bible based activities, reading bible based stories and worshiping through captivating fun bible-based music and theatrical drama. While the Sunday service is going on, parents will have their kids looked after, taught, equipped and empowered with the word of God. We believe Jesus loves the little children and wants kids to know Him and encounter Him at an early age. The bible states “Train up a child in the way he/she would go, and when they grow up, they will not depart from it.