SPIRITANDWORD TV runs our charity arm in Spirit and Word ministries. It is all about LOVE and this is the heart of our ministry – LOVE. We have a mandate from Jesus Christ as a ministry to show love to the poor, the widows and the less privileged in the society which we are a part of. As a divine revelation from above, Jesus Christ has spoken to both my wife and I specifically to be deeply involved as Spirit and Word Ministries to help the needy through giving and acting LOVE. The bible says Love is not love without giving. We give everything good that God has given us our time, money, smile – everything good that God has given us. To help in supporting the Man of God with the giving ministry, the charity work, we have Charity Partnership that anyone can partner with the Man of God through giving your time, money, smile and everything good God has given you. Jesus has no hands but our hands to touch the needy. God has no farm for us to go and plow, God has no office where we can do paperwork – God’s farm and office is our neighbours. Matthew 25:35-40 says when you fed the hungry, gave water to the thirsty when we saw you naked and dressed you when I was in prison and was sick and you visited me. Whatever you did for others that you did to me (paraphrased). To Partner with us please fill up the partnership form here.