Spirit and Word Ministries a growing ministry and visitors are welcome to attend any of our services.
Service Times Sunday 10.00am What to expect We believe that everyone needs deliverance if one is to experience the full benefits of salvation. Salvation is in three parts which are (1)being saved, (2)receiving healing to your flesh and all that has to do with you and (3) receiving complete and total deliverance. As a ministry we do not only focus on getting people to receive Jesus but we believe bedsides getting saved and ready for heaven your flesh should be healed of any kind of sickness and you must undergo deliverance in order to enjoy the full benefits freely given to every believer by the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ – the finished work of Jesus Christ.  Should you have anything in particular that you want the man of God to address and pray for in particular, please feel free to fill in the prayer line form stating the issue you need prayer for in confidentiality – it can be breakthrough, blessing or healing you need, with God all things are possible. Come in faith and believe God for a breakthrough for your condition and in faith receive and in faith maintain. Jesus Christ is a problem solver. He’s the same yesterday today and forever. Never a problem Jesus cannot solve, never a disease he cannot cure. We do video recording during all our services. Partnership At Spirit and Word Ministries everyone is encouraged to partner with the Man of God Leslie. Partnership to Spirit and Word does not only mean money but means a lot more than that. The vision given to the Man of God cannot be carried by one person – it requires partnership and you are an important part of it. We have three types or categories of partnership options to choose to partner with the man of God which are as follows: 1. Ministry Partners 2. Charity Partners 3. Financial Partners To become a partner in the ministry in any form, please fill the online application form here.